Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic period, we have organized several tailor-made webinars to help employers prepare and effectively execute emerging issues as a result of the pandemic. Our webinars are specially designed to cover all areas of the business including health & safety, employee management as well as employee separation. These will be done both as a stand-alone as well as the series model and will take a maximum of 2 hours. Members can register for these webinars via the link below:

Drafting of HR documents

One of the challenges experienced by the HR team during this pandemic is drafting of the documents to be shared with staff as a way of passing communication. At Koki & Associates, we will help you draft documents that clearly communicate the intended message while ensuring that they are legally water-tight. Noting that documents act as evidence in courts of law, we carefully review the wording of such documents in a manner that the employer is cushioned from any legal suits.

Drafting and Reviewing of Policies

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have found themselves in situations where they have to implement drastic decisions. However, as the pandemic was unforeseen, most companies do not have policies to address such issues or the policies do not have clear guidelines. It is not possible to make apply policies which the organization does not have on the employees. We help organizations in reviewing and developing policies that cover emerging issues around the current pandemic so that their application is validated. Among the policies we draft/review have to do with health and safety, working arrangements, employee separation etc. Speak to us so that we can have a tailor made policy for your organization. 

Advisory Services

With so many things going on as a result of the COVID-19, there is need for employers to have the right advice as they take various measures in dealing with their employees. At Koki & Associates, we provide you with current, practical and cost effective HR-Legal advisory services to help you navigate the challenges that arise as a result of the adjustments that businesses have to make. While our scope is wide and covers all the areas of HR-Law, our response is customized and specially designed to address each individual case.

Resources Section

National Laws in light of Covid-19